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Skill-lync Customer Success Stories

There are dreams, there are excuses. Every individual has both of this, those who reach their goals are folks whose dream is just a little bigger than their excuses. This section is dedicated for engineers who go the extra mile, do the… Continue Reading →

Featured Student Projects

“I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand” As stated by Confucius, at Skill-Lync, we believe in Project Based Learning. Our students learn by doing. That is, our students learn by working on… Continue Reading →

How Did Suraj Succeed In Getting An Admit For MS in Mechanical Engineering in RWTH Aachen and University of Florida in the U.S?

We just quickly wanted to find out the mood of Suraj just after he got into RWTH Aachen, University of Florida and Wayne State University and he spared few minutes to tell us how it all feels like. Me- Suraj,… Continue Reading →

Aditya Krishna’s European Dream Became A Reality!

We at SKILL-LYNC wanted to quickly have a chat about Aditya’s successful admission process to top ranking European Universities like ETH Zurich & TU-Delft, and wanted to hear his views on how SKILL-LYNC helped him through the process. Me- How… Continue Reading →

How SKILL-LYNC Changed Rajes’ Career Path?

Rajes was one of the customers that were important and we at SKILL-LYNC wanted to get him into the best universities in the U.S. because had a unchallenged faith in our process. Me- How was your experience with SKILL-LYNC? Rajes-… Continue Reading →

Chapter 10 – Best Material Science Engineering Universities in the US

The Mech PlayBook Series has covered in detail about the best universities in the field of Robotics, BioMechanics, Automotive Engineering, Energy, 3D Printing and Computational Fluid Dynamics – CFD. We have one more in the list to cover, i.e. Materials… Continue Reading →

Chapter – 9 – Best Universities in the US for 3D printing

This post is about a very new field in Mechanical Engineering. As the title suggests it is about 3D printing and the universities that you need to take a look at while applying for Grad school with respect to 3D… Continue Reading →

Chapter – 8 – Top Universities for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in the US

Hola folks, welcome back to our Mech Playbook. So far, we have covered the best universities for Robotics, Bio-Mechanics, Automotive Engineering & Energy. Now it is time to look into one of the very popular field of Computational Fluid Dynamics… Continue Reading →

Chapter 7 – Top universities for Energy Engineering in the US

Hello All, thus far we have seen the top universities in Automotive Engineering, Biomechanics and Robotics; now it is time to look into another upcoming field of Mechanical Engineering. In this post we will cover some of the best universities… Continue Reading →

Best Universities in the US for Robotics – Chapter 6a

Best universities in the US for Robotics In the previous chapter, I discussed the different fields in Robotics, in this post lets look into the best universities that provide quality Robotics specialisation. The way I have gone about shortlisting these… Continue Reading →

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