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Thus far we have seen the top universities in Automotive Engineering, Biomechanics and Robotics; now it is time to look into another upcoming field of Mechanical Engineering. In this post we will cover some of the best universities for Energy systems. Energy Systems has its multiple sub domains, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, Biofuels (Alternate Energy), Sustainable Energy, Wind Energy, Nuclear & Petroleum. As usual our research team has put out an exhaustive analysis to determine the best universities in this spectrum of engineering. Our selection criteria for ranking it into a category is based upon two factors,

  • The popularity of the program, opportunities post Masters.
  • Research work being conducted in these universities.

Initially we determined the top universities that provide a Masters program in Energy Systems which also has a very good research orientation. Thus we came up with these top 11 Energy Universities (The univeristies are not listen in a specific ranking order)

1. Stanford University – Energy Resources Engineering

2. MIT – Renewable Energy

3. Caltech – Sustainable Energy

4. Harvard – Harvard – Energy Programs

5. Pennsylvania State University – Energy & Mineral Engineering

6. Pennsylvania State University – Renewable Energy and Sustainability Systems

7. Princeton – Energy & Environmental Analysis

8. University of Michigan Ann-Arbor – Energy Systems Engineering

9. University of California, Berkeley – Energy and Resources

10. University of Illinois – Urbana Champagne – Bioenergy

11. UT Austin – http://www.me.utexas.edu/undergraduate/bridges-to-the-future-certificate/energy

12. UW Madison – Sustainable Systems Engineering

The universities listed above usually do well in most of the fields of engineering, it is hard to get into them as the competition is high. We looked into lower ranked universities which have a very good MS in Energy Systems program, and here is the compilation of the 12 universities which have a good Energy Engineering program.

1. Arizona State University – Solar Energy Engineering and Commercialization

2. Boston University – Energy & Environmental Analysis

3. Colorado School of Mines – Mineral and Energy Economics

4. Lehigh University – Energy Systems Engineering

5. Michigan Technological University – Environmental and Energy Policy

6. Northeastern University – MS Energy Systems

7. Rochester Institute of Technology – Sustainable Engineering

8. Stony Brook University – Energy Technology and Policy

9. UC Davis – https://eec.ucdavis.edu/energy-graduate-group/apply-to-the-energy-graduate-group/

10. University of Arizona – https://www.optics.arizona.edu/academics/graduate-students/graduate-programs

11. University of Illinois at Chicago – Energy Engineering

12. Northeastern University – MS Sustainable Building Systems

NOTE: Here is the excel sheet which has detailed information about the top 50 Universities that concentrate on Energy Engineering.

That’s a wrap ! Hope this post helped you with your university search. Incase you are looking to take a look at the top 50 Energy Engineering univeristies in the US, click here to get access to the whole list.

If you want to compare your chances of admission with these universities you can login to https://edxengine.com/services/MyUniversity/. You can see detailed analysis about your chances just like the below image.

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