We just quickly wanted to find out the mood of Suraj just after he got into RWTH Aachen, University of Florida and Wayne State University and he spared few minutes to tell us how it all feels like.

Me- Suraj, it is a pleasure meeting you! So, what made you think twice before applying to any university in the U.S?

Suraj- As I decided to pursue my Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the US, one of the initial hurdles I faced was selecting the right universities to apply for. Then understanding the documents required for each university. Then came the task of preparing the documents required for these universities. I tried hard to come up with a good SOP and spent weeks on it, every day I would start writing and after couple hours I would be at a point where I started, with not much progress

Me- So, What were you actually looking for?

Suraj- I wanted to take a look into scholarships, part time jobs, tuition fee, curriculum and every detail of the university I was looking to apply for. This consumed a lot of time and after a month I had not progressed anywhere.

Me- So how did you fix this issue?

Suraj- I came to know about SKILL-LYNC from one of my friends. The free university suggestions in their dashboard had all the information I wanted, which I had initially spent a month collecting. I got access to all that information in a day and this helped me save a lot of time.

Me- How did you find SKILL-LYNC different from the others in the market?

Suraj- Initially, I thought it would not be a good idea to pay money to get help with my SOP, but post my first call, they reviewed my profile and had a 2 hour chat with me after which I got a rough draft of how my SOP should look like and everything felt right from that moment. I am from Nepal and I had full access to the team via Whatsapp, mail and phone. SKILL-LYNC assisted me in developing a strong application profile and put all the pieces together. The best part about SKILL-LYNC is the quality of service and their response time.

 Me- What is the best thing that has happened to you in life?

Suraj- I will be heading to RWTH Aachen one of the best universities in the world to pursue my Masters in Mechanical Engineering in the Fall of 2017. SKILL-LYNC was an integral part of my admission process.

Suraj highly recommends SKILL-LYNC’s services for your Masters’ application process. We will help you get there!

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