“I am planning to do my Masters in Germany, what are the best universities for that?”

If you are asking this question, I’d say that it is very apt of you to ask about the “best universities” in a plural sense. This is because Germany has one of the best concentration of universities around the world, especially when it comes to engineering. Naturally, it is also the utopia of many budding mechanical engineers. It is quite understandable when students find it hard to zero down on a particular university and that is why we have decided to put down 10 of the best universities and add their highlights to assist you in your plans.

Technical university Munich

The main reason Germany is so favored by mechanical engineers is because of its huge market for mechanical engineers. Germany is the home to several mechanical and automobile manufacturers and Munich is one city which houses several manufacturing companies. Hence, graduates from Technical University of Munich have a good chance of finding employment immediately after finishing their education.

Here are some fact and figures about TUM:

  • In 2017, TUM academics published 7422 articles and papers.
  • Scientists at TUM made 172 inventions in 2017
  • Since 1927, professors and alumni from TUM had won 17 Nobel prizes.
  • The ERC grants funds for 100 research projects at TUM.
  • 71 patents were submitted by TUM researches at 2017.
  • 70 start-ups and 15000+ jobs from companies that have grown from TUM.
Companies near Munich Employment stats
IABG Industrieanlagen – Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

Allianz SE

Siemens AG



Out of ~75000 active graduates from TUM from 1900,

11,278 are working in a field related to engineering.

958 explored entrepreneurship

6470 are into research

The rest are spread across fields such as IT, business development, operations etc.

Some of the key topics of research at TUM are: Automotive, Energy, Aerospace, Materials, Mechatronics, Process Engineering.

Courses offered:

RWTH Aachen University

The university is located in the city of Aachen which is a hub to around 1300 start-ups. This has created huge opportunities for students graduating from RWTH and surrounding universities.

RWTH Aachen University is a hotspot of research with increasing international attention. Researches at RWTH work in both disciplinary and interdisciplinary subjects. Some of the key areas the university focus includes materials science, energy engineering, production and molecular engineering. RWTH is also affiliated with other bodies such as JARA for research purposes.

Companies near Aachen Employment stats

Da Vinci Engineering

Continental – (A company that employs a lot of mechanical engineers)

Out of ~60000 active graduates from RWTH,

9000 are working in a field related to engineering.

842 explored entrepreneurship

5600 are into research

The rest are spread across fields such as IT, business development, education etc.

Courses offered:

Technical University Berlin

TU Berlin is one of the leading research universities in Germany. Being internationally renowned, the university is seen as the mark of excellence. If you follow this link here, you can see the endless awards won by TU Berlin over the years.

The core areas of research pursued at TU Berlin include:

  • Materials, design and manufacturing
  • Cyber physical systems
  • Energy Systems and Sustainable Resource Management
  • Infrastructure and Mobility
  • Knowledge and Communication Systems
  • Human Health
Companies near Berlin Employment stats
Holoplot GmbH

Siemens AG

Deutsche Bahn



Out of ~56000 active graduates from TUB from 1900,

8700 are working in a field related to engineering.

968 explored entrepreneurship

4200 are into research

The rest are spread across fields such as IT, business development, operations etc.

Courses available at TU Berlin:

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – KIT

The research at KIT encompasses fundamental research to industrial research; from small research partnerships to large-scale projects. KIT combines tasks from National Big research with State University. The research undertaken here are in sync with the Federal Government high tech Strategy. The alumni at KIT include several inventors and entrepreneurs like Karl Friedrich Benz, Heirich Hertz etc. As of 2018, KIT has 6 Nobel laureates in its alumni.

There are 8 centres established by KIT which focus on the following areas:

Companies near Karlsruhe Employment stats

Nero AG


Out of ~40000 active graduates from KIT,

6300 are working in a field related to engineering.

605 explored entrepreneurship

3450 are into research

The rest are spread across fields such as education, business development, sales etc.

Courses offered:

Magderberg University

The Magderberg university has a unique idea of focussing on traditional engineering areas while pursuing understanding of specialist and interdisciplinary areas.

The Magderburg university primarily focusses on Neurosciences and dynamics systems. The university also supports strategies to transfer technology and knowledge in international and regional establishments. Some of the key areas of transfer include automotive, renewable energies, digital engineering etc.

The faculty of Mechanical engineering focusses on the following research topics: automotive, virtual engineering, logistics and micro-macro transitions.

Additionally, it also focusses on additional areas such as mechatronics, micro technology, automobile technology, industrial engineering etc. It is also the home to several institutes such as:

  • Institute of Mechanics (IFME)
  • Institute of Machine Design (IMK)
  • Institute of Process Technology and Quality Management (IFQ)
  • Institute of Ergonomics, Manufacturing Systems and Automation (IAF)
  • Institute of Logistics and Material Handling Systems (ILM)
  • Institute of Mobile Systems (IMS)
  • Institute of Materials and Joining Technology (IWF)
Companies near Magderberg Employment stats

Orizon GmbH

EMCO Magderburg GmbH

Vakoma Industries

Out of ~13800 active graduates from OVGM from 1900,

1700 are working in a field related to engineering.

1140 are into research

The rest are spread across fields such as IT, business development, operations etc.

Courses offered:

If you had followed the links, you would see that the universities mentioned here are top-notch. Acquiring an admission into them is not exactly simple. If you need clarification on the subject, you can read our article “How to apply to Germany for my Masters?

to read about more universities in Germany, you can read our article “Top universities in Germany for Mechanical engineers – Part 2

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