Mechatronics is the integration of mechanical engineering with subjects such as control engineering, electronic engineering and computer science engineering. As it was mentioned in the first part of this article “Top universities in Germany for Mechatronics”, the scope for a mechatronic engineer is high since the subjects span several areas. With the industries moving towards a future where engineering is completely integrated with computers, engineers who are specialised in interdisciplinary areas are preferred.

If you are interested in specialising in Mechatronics, here are a few more universities across Germany that offer Masters in Mechatronics:

Esslingen University of Applied Sciences

Course offered: Mechatronics / Systems Engineering (M.Sc.) – German

The Esslingen University is ranked high among Universities of Applied Sciences in Germany. In 2018, the department of Mechanical engineering from the university ranked 4th in the WirtschaftsWoche rankings among the German universities. The course provides specialises in design and simulation of mechatronic systems. The university has four research priorities – Sustainable development, intelligent and efficient production, Life Sciences and Changing society.

Leibniz University Hannover

Course offered: MSc in Mechatronics and Robotics – German

The Leibniz University Hannover sponsors the largest science and technology library in the world – German National Library of Science and Technology. It is also one of the oldest and largest university in the field of science and technology. In this course, the students learn to perform function-oriented analysis on technical systems. The students can choose to specialise in one of the following areas:

  • Automotive mechatronics
  • Industrial and medical robotics
  • Medical device technology
  • Robotics – mobile systems
  • Signal processing and automation
  • Systems engineering

The Mechatronics Centre Hannover promotes research in areas that are interdisciplinary to mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science and IT.  It is a merger of 16 different institutes and therefore has a wide spectrum of research. The Institute of Mechatronic Systems (imes) also focusses on development, modelling and control of mechatronic systems.

University of Rostock

Course offered: MSc in Mechatronics – German

The University of Rostock is associated with five Nobel laureates and is the third oldest university in Germany. The course focusses on training students to design and develop mechatronic systems. The university houses several research centres including Interdisciplinary Faculty (INF) which work on several scientific projects.

University of Kassel

Course offered: MSc in Mechatronics – German

The University of Kassel focusses highly on interdisciplinary research. Therefore, its courses are diversified while providing a solid foundation on the fundamentals. The Mechatronics course provides in-depth mathematical and scientific knowledge on designing interdisciplinary products and processes. It offers specialisation to students in three areas: smart mechatronic systems, optomechatronic systems and automotive mechatronic systems. Some of the research centres at the university that work in areas related to mechatronics include:

Deggendorf Institute of Technology

Course offered: M.Eng in Mechatronic and Cyber-Physical Systems – English

The Deggendorf Institute of Technology is a young university that focusses on applied research. The courses offered by the university are accredited by educational bodies like ASIIN and FIBAA. The Mechatronics and Cyber-physical systems course at the university offer in-depth knowledge in the field of networked systems. It mainly focusses on four areas – Cyber-Physical systems, Cooperative and autonomous systems, Advanced simulation systems and Additive manufacturing. The Technology Campus Cham at the university focusses on research on mechatronic systems, production technology, robotics, controlling technology etc.

Happy learning!

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