I scored a low GPA in my undergrad school. How do I secure an international master’s admit at a good university?

The question may seem paradoxical as we are conditioned to believe that low marks = low opportunities. However, that is not the case. Even if you scored a low GPA, you can still pursue education in decent universities. Many elite universities in the Scandinavian and Baltic regions of Europe accept students with low grads and provide them with equal opportunities, and this comes with a benefit of low tuition fee as compared to the rest of the European countries.

Well, you might be wondering how exactly low is “low GPA”. Well, the answer varies. In some universities, 60%-70% is considered to be average/low while in some universities 40%-50% is considered to be low. This depends on how much the university usually awards as the highest mark. Either way, when you apply to universities in Europe, your grades are converted into European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits. And your application will be accepted when your grades can be translated into sufficient credits.

In this article, we have picked out five universities that accept mechanical graduates with low GPA (Note – Order does not denote any ranking):

University of Debrecen – Hungary


Courses available:

The graduate programs at the University of Debrecen provides advanced knowledge in Mechanical Engineering subjects while providing specialisation in areas like Production Engineering, Robotics, Mechatronics etc. Some of the priority areas of research in the University include computational and material science, physical and molecular science, bioethics, environmental science etc. Hungarian Academy of Sciences finances several research projects in the university.

University of Ljubljana – Slovenia

GPA REQUIREMENTS – Contact university directly. Scroll to the bottom to get more info.

Course offered at University of Ljubljana:

Master’s engineer in Mechanical Engineering

The University of Ljubljana aims to train graduates such that they will be able to solve complex research problems in mechanical engineering and related interdisciplinary areas. It houses several labs to work on projects related to mechanical engineering including but not limited to:

Riga technical University – Latvia

GPA REQUIREMENTS – Contact university directly. Scroll to the bottom to get more info.

RTU offers Master Degree of Engineering Sciences in two disciplines and a professional master degree in one discipline respectively:

Riga Technical University is one of the oldest universities in the Baltic region. The RTU scientific library is said to contain 1.9 million units of information and is recognized as being an asset of national importance. The university focuses on specialised courses in Mechanical engineering, Applied mechanics, Apparatus engineering, Mechanised production and control, and aviation transport. These specialisations have been split into three different courses that are offered by the Faculty of Mechanical engineering, transport and Aeronautics.

The High Performance Computing Center at RTU can compute complicated engineering problems in a short period of time and used for research purposes in the field of mechanics, structural engineering etc.

Aarhus University – Denmark

GPA REQUIREMENTS – Contact university directly. Scroll to the bottom to get more info.

Course offered at AU:

MSc in Mechanics

Aarhus University is the leading public research university in Denmark. The MSc Mechanics course at AU combines theory with practice and covers advanced calculation methods such as FEM, CFD, structural analysis, fracture mechanics and simulation tools. The Aarhus University centre for Integrated Materials Research is an interdisciplinary research centre that works on projects related to materials engineering.

Kaunas University of Technology – Lithuania

GPA requirements: An average grade (CGPA >60%) and a bachelor’s degree that carries minimum 180 ECTS. (Your degree grades will be converted into ECTS points. This is usually done by the university after you apply)

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Design at KTU offers Master of Engineering Sciences in six disciples:

The Kaunas University of Technology is one of the research, development and innovation leaders (R&D&I) in Lithuania. The university carries out studies and research in various areas of mechanical engineering like robotics, holography, dynamics etc. The institute has partnered in collaboration with international companies such as Baltec CNC technologies, Festo etc. Some of the institutes at KIT that is involved in research related to Mechanical Engineering include:

Apart from these, there are still instances where students have secured admits in exclusive universities in spite of being ineligible due to poor grades. They were able to do that by working on projects related to their subject and thus prove their knowledge in the field even though their marks spoke otherwise. Skill-Lync is one such place where you can work on industry level projects. You can use our projects interface to display the projects you have been working on. Take a look at some of the previous projects our students worked on earlier (https://blog.skill-lync.com/featured-student-projects/) that helped them achieve their dreams!

Template for contacting universities directly:

In some universities, the admission committee cannot tell in advance if you are qualified for admission. In such cases, you must contact the university directly with a copy of your transcript for evaluation purposes.To inquire if about the eligibility criteria at a particular university, you can use the below template to mail to them:


I am (insert name), a prospective student looking to enroll in your Master’s in (insert course name). I was looking at your course page for the eligibility criteria and I wish to know the minimum grades required for an undergraduate international student from (country where you did your undergraduate degree) to enroll in that course. It would be great if you can provide me with info regarding this, thank you!

If you wish to secure funded admit to universities like the ones here, all you have to do is enroll with us and complete the projects in our coursework. These projects can help you get a funded admit/scholarship when you transfer abroad. to know more, follow the link below:

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